We are ESW at UC San Diego!

We are the UCSD Chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World.


Welcome to ESW! 
Welcome to ESW! Whether you just heard about ESW or are a long time member, please be sure to fill out the Membership Form if you are interested in becoming an official member of ESW. (We renew our list every year.) Visit our How to Get Involved Page for more information.

ESW Finals Week Care Packages
Pre-ordering begins Monday Week 6 (02/13) and ends Friday week 9 (03/10). Packages will start at $5(w/Brown Bag) or $7 (w/ESW Totebag) and be available for pick-up/delivery(on campus) starting week 10! Order quickly as prices will increase by $2 starting Week 9!
EACH BAG INCLUDES: Chips, Top Ramen, Granola Bar, Cookies, Mixed-Nuts, Tea Packets, Emergen-C Packet, ESW Stress Ball, ESW Pen, ESW Sticker, Motivational Note. Fill this out if you would like to buy some.
ESW Cabinet and Board Officer Application
ESW Cabinet and Board elections are coming up! These officer positions are what keeps ESW alive and running and what allows it to continually evolve into an even better organization.
Cabinet handles the organization side of ESW; they are in charge of events, GBMs, keeping track of members and information, and handling contact with other orgs. On the other hand, Board is completely in charge of directing the various Projects of ESW and making sure they run smoothly. The ESW Constitution has more information.
If you are interested in becoming a leader of Engineers for a Sustainable World please fill out this application. Near the end of the quarter we will hold an election with all members to determine the new Cabinet and Board.

Upcoming Events


Student Sustainability Outreach Day | March 3rd, 2017 | 9AM – 1PM | UCSD |
SSOD is ESW’s annual event where we invite high school students to come to the UCSD campus and learn about sustainability! This is an amazing event where we get to teach the next generation the important of being sustainable and just have a great time. These are the events that change people’s lives. Please consider signing up to volunteer! Here is the volunteer form.


ESW Election Night | March 6th, 2017 | 7PM – 9PM | EBU 2 584 |
We will be holding an election night for all the Cabinet and Board applicants to give speeches that show why they should be part of the next ESW Board and Cabinet! Voting will begin immediately after this event. Please come out to support the future of ESW!

ESW Poster Presentation Workshop | March 7th, 2017 | 5PM – 6PM | PC Green Tableroom |
Did you ever want to talk about a project, but didn’t have a way to present the information in a concise and visual way? Come to ESW’s Project Poster Design workshop where you can learn how to design and effectively tell people what your project is all about! ***At least one member from each ESW project team is required to attend.***

Stay tuned to find out more!

Have a project idea? E-mail ESW’s Project Manager at seabasstianlee@gmail.com
Want to join a cool existing project? Fill this out!