We are ESW at UC San Diego!

We are the UCSD Chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World.


Welcome to ESW! 

Whether you just heard about ESW or are a long time member, please be sure to fill out the Membership Application if you are interested in becoming an official member of ESW. (We renew our list every year.) Please pay your dues by Venmo (@ESWUCSD) or through our VP Finance Dave Lightfoot. Visit our How to Get Involved Page for more information.


Project and Committee Member Applications are now open! You must be a paid member in order to apply for a project and committee. Projects are a great way to gain experience, be on a team, and learn technicals skills. Committees are perfect for getting involved and gaining leadership experience. Project and committee applications are due Wednesday, October 25th, 2017.


Don’t forget about our Mentor-Mentee Program! If you’re looking for a friend or need school/career advice, sign up to be a mentee! If you have experience and advice for others, sign up to be a mentor! This application is due same time as project and committee applications (Wednesday, October 25 Week 4). 

Upcoming Events

Check back during the 2017-2018 school year for ESW’s upcoming events!

Stay tuned to find out more!

Have a project idea? E-mail ESW’s Project Manager at seabasstianlee@gmail.com
Want to join a cool existing project? Fill this out!