Bottles to Models

Our Goal

The goal of this project is to be able to design a machine that would allow the average person to recycle their bottles or other household plastics to make 3d Printer filament.

According to the EPA, less than 10% of all plastic produced in the US is recycled (source). With our system, we will be able to increase the amount of plastic recycled and encourage the average population to recycle.


In addition, when a 3D prints fail it currently results in waste plastic. With our system we would be able to recycle these failed prints to make new prints.

What is 3D Printing?


3D Printing example:

Current Status

We are currently testing our system of shredding, extruding, winding, and printing with PLA. In the future, we will test with ABS and then finally move on to PET plastics. In transitioning between the types of plastics, we will need to clean our system.

Our 3D Printer: 

Our Extruder:

Our Winder:

Our Best Filament (so far) :

The Team

Members: Thant Htoo Zaw, Tianyu (Leo) Xia, Sida Xu, Dan Nguyen

Leaders: Jasmine Ng and Michael Chen

Mentor: Seth Dike

Meeting Times

Location: ESW Shed, EBU2 room 239

Time: Sundays at 11

Contact Info

Jasmine Ng


Michael Chen