Our mission is to create a comprehensive biogas system that will convert on campus food waste at UC San Diego into a renewable energy source. Our goal is take the technology that we are developing to address global climate change and provide developing communities a viable energy source.

Current Progress

We have completed the research and design phase of our project and we are now moving into small scale implementation. Our team has been awarded numerous funding sources (TGIF, ESW, SIF) that totals over $3100 to complete our project. We have partnered with Rodger’s Community Garden to implement a biogas system as an off grid energy source to power other project teams in the garden. Our project is now part of the Carbon Neutrality Initiative where it will be used as UCSD’s first small scale biogas system prototype. We are currently in the implementation phase and researching how to optimize the methane production of our system. Our prototype is being built in Rodger’s Community Garden.


Fall 2016: Researched biogas systems and current renewable technologies

Winter 2017: Designed biogas system and applied to numerous funding sources

Spring 2017: Awarded funding to start prototyping, successfully found numerous collaborations to expedite progress of progress (through Rady’s School of Management, we created a business model for when our prototype became a product. Through Global Ties, a team of engineers gave us a design report to help us integrate our biogas system into an outdoor lounge)

Summer 2017: Built prototype in Rodger’s Community Garden.

Fall 2017 (current): Continuing building prototype and running experiments to optimize methane production.


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