MISSION | Our mission is to create a comprehensive biogas system that will convert on campus food waste at UC San Diego into a renewable energy source and anaerobic sludge into nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Our goal is take the technology that we are developing to close the carbon loop through carbon sequestration into soils and divert food waste from landfills to be used to help grow food.

CURRENT PROGRESS | We are currently finishing the construction of the biogas purification system and are processing between 100 and 200 lbs of food waste per week in collaboration with Roger’s Community Garden. We are also programming Arduino Unos and Raspberry Pi Microprocessors to measure pH, Temperature, and Ammonia Concentrations and using Gas Analyzers to measure methane and carbon dioxide content of produced biogas. A collaboration between labs on the UC San Diego campus to analyze the chemical composition of anaerobic sludge using GC-MS and other methods is underway and open for participation.

Sept. 2016 – March 2017
· Establish team & determine project objective.
· Conduct research and design.
April 2017
· Installed biogas tanks and piping.
July – Sept. 2017
· Began compost collection and redesigned gas purification system.
Oct. – Dec. 2017
· Began installation of gas piping.
· Started testing the digestate quality of to optimize biogas production.
Jan. – March 2018
· Began logging compost collection data.
· Built preprocessing system.
April 2018
· Finalized construction of biodigester and nitrate collection system.
June 2018
· Finish installation of monitoring system.
· Complete construction of system.

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