CommUnity Garden


The goal of CommUnity is to address the food quality and youth resilience issues in local underprivileged high schools. Our current primary goal is to create a hub where students can meet and engage in social activities.

We are planning to implement a total of 3 phases for CommUnity.

Phase 1: Community Garden (Summer 2016)

  • Build a sustainable community garden on campus for students to hang out and learn about sustainability.

Phase 2: STEM Projects for Students (Fall 2016)

  • Optimizing soil water retention and plant respiration rates.
  • Coding automatic irrigation systems.
  • Designing distribution layout for more gardens.
  • Other projects that students may think up themselves

Phase 3: Cooking Classes (Winter 2017)

  • Supporting healthy and nutritional diets and teaching students the importance of it.
  • Capitalizing of the functionality of the CommUnity Garden by using the crops produced there.
  • Motivating students to use and share healthy recipes they learn

Please contact Project leaders Joanna Cheung at or Bob Wang at