CommUnity Garden


MISSION | Our vision encompasses getting high school students interested in STEM, improving food quality in underprivileged areas of San Diego, and increasing awareness of sustainability, both within high schools and communities.

To accomplish this, our project helps to develop community gardens – both outdoor, soil-based gardens and indoor aquaponic or hydroponic gardens – and offers various STEM projects to the high school students we work with. We work closely with the students and do our best to act as mentors to them, and in doing so, we encourage them to pursue higher education and more sustainable lifestyles.

PROGRESS | We have worked extensively with Hoover High School in previous years to create an large community garden, implement a variety of STEM projects (aquaponics, 3D printing, and irrigation systems), and foster a lasting relationship with the students. In Fall 2017, we began working with the Lorax Gardening Club at the Preuss School and are currently establishing a garden while intermittently holding STEM workshops. We are also working on developing a hydroponics system to be implemented within a year.

FUTURE PLANS | We hope to fully establish the community garden at Preuss by the end of Fall 2018, and to introduce the hydroponics system to the students by Spring 2019.

We will continue to expand our project by reaching out to more schools in San Diego and increasing the breadth of the projects we offer to students.

CONTACT | If you’re interested in joining or hearing more about CommUnity Garden, please contact the Project Leads, Trish Tran ( and Claire Stone ( We meet on Wednesdays at 7pm in Geisel.