With this project, we aim to assemble and install the Energiplant provided by Primo Wind behind Canyon Vista next to the tables overlooking the canyon to provide students a place to charge their electronic devices using the wind and solar power provided by the Energiplant. This will give ESW students hands on technical experience in the assembly and construction of the system as well as data logging experience to analyze the performance of the Energiplant.

Primo Wind is an energy startup company based in San Diego that aims to make renewable energy and aesthetics one and the same. They have created a wind and solar powered lounging area where people can charge their electronics without increasing their carbon footprint.

We hope that this will educate people about the exciting new renewable energy technology that is currently available and coming out in the future as well as engage students in the exciting world of renewable technology. We have bought Energiplant from them and is currently operational.

The system will be monitored by the Research and Development team. Eventually, the system will be moved to another part of campus to increase awareness about the Energiplant. The system is not connected to the electrical grid, which makes the process of transporting the system to other locations on campus relatively easy. In relocating the system, we hope to increase awareness about emerging solar and wind power technologies as well as gain new performance data.


  • On May 24, 2017, the system was assembled and implemented in the lower patio behind Canyon Vista by several ESW members, Primo Wind representatives, and faculty/staff members.
  • On May 26, 2017, a dedication ceremony was held to commemorate the project’s completion.

If you would like to join the data logging team for this project or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

  • Jason Mayeda, VP of Project Management: jasonmmayeda@gmail.com
  • Raul Correa, Leader of Research and Development:

We would like to recognize and provide special thanks to the following people and groups for making this project possible:

  • Director of Center of Energy Research, William Torre
  • Vice Chancellor of Resource Management, Gary Matthews
  • Facilities Management
  • Primo Wind Inc.
  • Housing and Dining Hospitality
  • CleanTech San Diego
  • The Green Initiative Fund