Energy House


About Energy House:

Energy House aims to design and create an off-grid home that is both energy efficient, and sustainable with all of its energy coming from renewable sources.

Energy House aims to

  • Utilize multiple sources of renewable energy
  • Solve current issues with energy storage
  • Promote sustainable living
  • Design or utilize energy efficient appliances
  • Create engineering solutions to manage household waste

 Energy Generation Sources:


  • First goal of project
  • Analysis of power
  • usage, and optimum
  • energy collection
  • Finding the optimum
  • cost to area ratio



  • Utilize small wind turbines
  • Investigate various types of wind turbine designs
  • Determine set up needed to achieve grid parity
  • Determine cost effectiveness
  • Possibly create completely new design type to achieve above objectives



  • Research into various types of biomaterials as possible source of energy for house
  • Possible sources may include waste from agricultural, compost, garbage waste, animal waste, etc…
  • Determine cost efficiency


Team Members:
Joshua Shor, Project Leader
Jacob Sanchez
Maaz Ahmad
Esther Ouyang
Hans Chung
Rohan Rajeev
Shahin Pajoom
Jeffrey Wang
Dan Ortiz
Stanley Huang