Executive Cabinet

Elaine Silverman, Chapter President

17Hello! My name is Elaine and I’m a third-year Mechanical Engineering major. I joined ESW my first quarter at UCSD because I saw it as the perfect opportunity to combine by desire for hands-on engineering experience with my love of the outdoors and sustainability. ESW has opened up countless opportunities for me from expanding my technical skills to connecting with peers and mentors who are passionate about the intersection of engineering and sustainability. Now, as president, I want to continue the growth of our chapter through quality projects and events such as our first Make-A-Thon (Winter 2019!), workshops, and networking events. Together with the amazing team I have, we are looking forward to continuing to build the welcoming, ambitious atmosphere of the club.

If you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions email me at ecsilver@ucsd.edu or connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Samantha Fong, Vice President of Project Management

14Hello! My name is Samantha Fong and I am a third-year studying Environmental Engineering. ESW has helped me grow through the years in both technical skills and as a member of the sustainability community on campus. Project teams are a major aspect of or the organization and I hope to use my past experiences as a project member and a project lead to assist ESW’s projects in reaching their full potential. I am honored to serve as the 2018-2019 Vice President of Project Management and can’t wait to see what this year’s Board and Cabinet will achieve!

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please email me at stf003@ucsd.edu.

Giovanni Tamascas, Vice President of Public Relations

3Ever since 2016, when I studied abroad in Costa Rica with the Experiment in International Living, I realized it was by duty to perform, research, and advocate for Sustainable Living. This is why I became an electrical engineer (second-year) and an environmentalist. I hope to foster platforms for the exchange of engineering ideas, and hope to use platforms to promote sustainable living according to the United Nations Charter.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please email me at gtamacas@ucsd.edu.

Camille Beltran, Vice President of Community Affairs

24Hi! My name is Camille Beltran and I’m a third-year Nanoengineering major. I joined ESW because I am passionate about the environment, sustainability, and green technology. ESW has given me a place to meet, connect, and form friendships with other students I would not have met otherwise. As the VP of Community Affairs, I hope to expand the social aspect of ESW to connect more members with each other and foster a close-knit and supportive community.

If you have an question, thoughts, or concerns, email me at cpbeltra@ucsd.edu.

Tanner Hanson, Vice President of Finance

42Hello! My name is Tanner Hanson and I am a third-year majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Chemistry. I joined ESW because I wanted to gain more hands on experience in engineering projects involving renewable energy. As Vice President of Finance, I hope to maintain ESW’s current member base while continuing to provide a positive experience for all members through responsible management and growth of ESW’s finances.

If you would like to get in to contact with me, please feel free to email me at t2hanson@ucsd.edu.

Tiffany Do, Vice President of Information Management

28Greetings, reader. My name is Tiffany and I am a second-year majoring in Cognitive Science Spec. Design and Interaction (and minoring in Design, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Japanese Studies)! I joined ESW hoping to apply myself as an aspiring environmental engineer interested in sustainable solutions. Despite the switch to cogs, my admiration for engineering, sustainability, and ESW persists! I am ecstatic to contribute to a student-run organization that is doing impressive and innovative work.

If you’d like to contact me, you are welcome to do so via email at tnd018@ucsd.edu.

Camila Paik, Secretary of Cabinet

30657021_10215960792037313_7306771244978798592_oHi! I’m Cami, a third-year international student from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a Human Biology major, by seeing how passionate ESW members were about sustainability and the environment, I joined ESW hoping to contribute to their common goal of making a change in the world. In the future, I would love to apply what I’m learning about sustainability to my own country. As Secretary of Cabinet, I aspire to help facilitate ESW’s growth as a community.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me at: capaik@ucsd.edu.