Piezoelectric Generator

The goal of the piezoelectric generator project is to create a cheap and self-sustaining source of energy through the use of polarizing self-replicated bacteria.

Piezoelectricity is created through the displacement of electrical charge due to the deflection of a lattice. It currently has limitations such as low out[ut, high impedance, and costly materiel. Thus, this project intends to modify the current status of piezoelectricity by the overall cost through the use of bacteria, and increase the voltage output by using a continuous, naturally-occurring mechanical force and increasing surface area of the polarized material.

Future Design Plans

  • Change the charge of the bacteria without killing it.
  • Keep the bacteria alive without it being in some kind of media.
  • Design a device that will place the bacteria at a proper distance so that piezoelectricity can be achieved and a mechanical force can be applied.
  • Measure and quantify the voltage output generated by the bacteria.

Please contact Sri Suresh at srsuresh@ucsd.edu for more information.