At the heart of ESW UCSD are our Sustainable Projects. Through our Projects, we actively work to fulfill our mission of developing, implementing, and sharing sustainable technologies and practices worldwide. We believe all our goals can be accomplished through Projects.

What are Sustainable Projects?

Each Sustainable Project is defined as a unique set of activities that are meant to produce a defined outcome, with a specific start and finish date, and a specific allocation of resources. Here at ESW UCSD, all Sustainable Projects have a defined outcome which include the development, implementation, and/or sharing of one or more sustainable technologies and/or practices. Currently, all of our projects fall under three categories: Resource ManagementSolar, and Water & Energy.

Resource Management Solar Water and Energy

How can I start a new Sustainable Project?

If you have a Project idea in mind, feel free to submit it to our Idea Bank. If not, but you are interested in becoming a Project Leader, please check out the previous submissions. Questions? Contact the acting Vice President of Project Management, Samantha Fong!

What is the project cycle?

A Project Guide has been created to document the process for how projects progress within ESW UCSD. For any questions about the project cycle please refer to Samantha Fong.