Solex Battery

The Solex Battery Project aims to use sustainable methods to address issues in energy storage. The team’s research focuses on lowering costs and optimizing the use of recycled materials.

Method and Design

  • The project focuses on improving solvents/electrolytes to circumvent problems
  • Exploring new stabilization and oxygen chemistries
  • Adress cycle Count, Power, Capacity, and Life span Along with how discharge/recharge amount affects the above outcomes. Durability and safety will also be tested. The cost normalization for all of the  parameters, will determine the success for the design. The ideas will eventually be pitched to future investors and feedback will determine future success.

Progress and Future Goals

The team is  currently developing prototype battery designs  based on cutting edge research publications. The goal is to meet industry standard capacity and power outputs and to create a design competitive with market costs.

Prototypes will be verified to be cheaper than current batteries at a given power output, cycle life, durability and capacity. The pilot for the energy system is an auxiliary power source for a house. It should store enough energy for a family household for a surplus of one night of energy (15kWh). Cycle count and life, power ratings, durability, capacity etc. will also be tested

Current funding is planned to be via venture capitalist, industry, and social fundraising. These in connection with investors and local connections will hopefully allow the design to sell in retail. Theoretically, once large profits are made, the goal is to  scale up to larger factories and finally  a global impact. The team strives to create a design in which the materials used for the battery are fully recyclable and abundant ,creating a completely sustainable product .

Please contact the project co-leads Samantha Fong at and Leo Grabowski at  for more information.