Solar Interact

Project Mission

Our project has three main goals. The first goal involves informing people about renewable energy in an unique, fun, and interactive manner. The second is to provide a service to Price Center (PC) through the creation of an application that will route the user from the SRC to anywhere in PC. Lastly, this project will utilize our engineering skills to build a project from the ground up.


  • In order to achieve these goals, we are building a hand crank game that generates electricity in competition with the energy generated by the solar panels installed on top of PC. We are constructing the entire system, which includes building the generator, programming the game interface, and coding the PC map application.

Current Status

Currently we are in the design phase but we know what steps to take next to advance our project.

Our latest accomplishments are creating and testing our prototype generator, producing about 2-3V, 3-D printing the entire generator, and inputting floor plans of PC into the application.


In the beginning of spring quarter, we will finish testing the prototype and build the generator. Throughout spring quarter, we will build the generator, finish the PC map application, and begin programming the interface. All the while, we will be applying for sources of funding. In fall of 2017, we will put together the final product.

Group Members

Joseph (JJ) Kadifa – Project Lead
Cynthia Chan – Finance/Outreach Lead
Mukund Nair – Electric Member
Jeremy Cruz – Data & Monitoring Lead
Jason Mayeda – Structural Lead
Tim Deng – Data & Monitoring Member
Jason Lui – Electric Team Lead
Ben Cheng – Structural Team Member
Sukhdeep Chera – Structural Team Member
Kelly Levick – Electric Team Member
Jonathan Bradshaw – Electric Team Member
Jeffrey Alido – Structural Team Member
Ajay Singh – Data & Monitoring Member
Josh Hill – Advisor
Mackenzie Cottle – Structural Team Member
Ladislav Steffko – Data & Monitoring Member
Matias Lee – Structural Team Member

Our project team meets once a week, with work hours during the weekend. The subteams within the project meet at their convenience.

The best way to contribute is to put the project to use when completed. In addition to that, donations are definitely welcome.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Cynthia Chan at