Solar Light


MISSION | Solar Light strives to give energy access to communities that are unable to connect to the city grid. We aim to do that firstly by working locally and installing solar panels to UCSD’s Challenge Course, an obstacle course that does not get power or lighting during dark hours. Another mission is to create a stand-alone solar lighting fixture for use in a remote area. This will provide a sustainable, easy-to-install light while also demonstrating practical uses for solar energy. The light will be resistant to overcast conditions and grid outages.  Finally, we plan to work with communities in San Diego to launch a pilot program and test retrofitting solar panels onto streetlights.


  • Energy Independent Solar Light
  • Uses batteries to store energy overnight
  • Adaptable
  • Can analyze and display weather, power efficiency, carbon emissions saved, etc.
  • Current implementation planned for use by the UCSD Sports Facilities


  • Places that are far away from an electrical grid or in an area where trying to connect to the grid would be costly.
  • Places that wish to be separate from the main grid for either safety reasons or just for the desire to be grid independent.
  • Can be used for path lighting in areas that are lacking infrastructure such as in parks.
  • The system can be modified to run other low-power systems: wifi routing/bridging, clocks, speakers.



CURRENT STATUS | We have finished researching the appropriate parts we need to build our Solar Light fixture. We are currently in the process of applying for more funding and then buying the parts we need to build a prototype of our light. We are also researching how to build our fixture to be the most efficient possible. Our current goal is to provide solar light fixtures to the UCSD Sports Facilities to put in areas that are difficult to connect to an electrical grid.


Explore opportunity to retrofit light at  The Village Community Garden 02/03/2017
Apply to TGIF 02/10/2018
Confirm location of Implementation 02/10/2018
Order parts using TGIF 02/15/2018
Purchase battery and begin construction of prototype 03/01/2018
Complete solar installation to UCSD Challenge Course 03/20/2018
Complete stand-alone Solar Light Project 06/20/2018
Submit final project report to TGIF 03/25/2019

Project Leads: Amanda Cabreros, Nanxi (Max) Ye
Camille Beltran, Zi (Mikey) Deng, Timothy Lee, Nhu Nguyen, Jiwon Seung, Aldo Siswanto, Rich Unite, Chester Vanhuang, Tian Zhang

Mechanical Subgroup currently meets every Saturday 3-5pm.
Electric Subgroup currently meets every Sunday 11-1pm.
CS Subgroup currently meets every Sunday 1-3pm.

CONTACT | If you have any questions please contact Amanda Cabreros at