Solar-Powered Car

The goal of the Solar-Powered Car ESW project is to build UCSD’s first solar powered car and use it to compete in the 2017 Formula Sun Gran Prix and future America Solar Challenge Races.

The idea is to start a Solar Car building culture at UCSD to promote a multi-disciplinary building space that emphasizes the importance and power of renewable energy resources. The Formula Sun Grand Prix takes annually on an American race track, whereas the American Solar Challenge and World Solar Challenge are cross country races in the US and Australia respectively.


May-June 2016

  • Build Electrical Prototype
  • Finish suspension and body design

June-September 2016

  • Build body moulds
  • Build chassis
  • Build and test battery systems
  • Test individual Solar cells
  • Test Solar cells

October-December 2016

  • Build running chasis
  • Cell encapsulation

January-March 2016

  • Assembly of individual components
  • Mounted battery-motor

March-May 2017

  • Testing and optimization

June 2017

  • Completed Car