Solar Roller

The Solar Roller is a mobile solar charging station with solar tracking. The project was started in September 2012 and is set to be completed in June 2016.

This team of five engineers will research, design, and build a sustainable and efficient mobile solar charging station. The primary goal is to educate students and other members of the community on the applications of solar energy and the practicality of it in our society. By explaining how the Solar Roller works, we hope to inspire other students in seeking further education in solar as well as other renewable energy sources. Our other goals include donating the unit to the AV tech department on campus to power speakers and other appliances for outdoor events which in turn will increase our outreach and help build community.

UCSD has seen solar energy at work in the Hopkins Solar Grove and Solar Trashcans as well as through the research the faculty conducts on campus. However, student involvement is missing from these projects because the advancements on campus in solar energy are mostly faculty driven. This team’s hope is to make the Solar Roller a well known student directed project which will open doors for more student involvement in renewable energy.

Currently, our team has finished the structural components of the Solar Roller and are working on implementing the electronics.

Our Current Team:
Chang, Brandon
Vasquez, Marcus
Huang, Lancelot – Project Lead

For questions, comments, ways to get involved: contact the project leader Lance Huang,