The Green Fuel Cell

OUR MISSION | Our Mission is to build an economical small-scale hydrogen fuel cell system and power it with hydrogen fuel cell system and power it with hydrogen from local sources. With this, our goal is to educate the UC San Diego community about this alternative source of energy. After successful construction and implementation at UC San Diego, we would like to reach out to local high schools and host workshops there.


  • Acquire a hydrogen fuel cell.
  • Produce hydrogen from solar-powered hydrolysis.
  • Store Hydrogen in safe easy-to-use container.
  • Use our fuel cell to power speakers, popcorn machines or any device similar in energy needs.

CURRENT PROGRESS | We have successfully generated hydrogen gas from electrolysis using purely solar power. We are also experimenting with various types of concentrations of electrolytes in order to increase efficiency of hydrogen production.


  • September 2015 – Project Start
  • September to April 2016 – Research and Design Phase
  • September 2017- Project Reboot
  • September to December 2017 – Research and Design Phase II
  • January to March 2018 – Electrolysis
  • March to June 2018- Hydrogen Storage
  • September to October 2018 – Project Integration
  • October to November 2018 – Launch and Implementation
  • November to December 2018 – Community Outreach


  • Capture produced hydrogen and store is as metal hydride.
  • Supply fuel cell with hydrogen to generate steady power source.
  • Demonstration at UC San Diego, as a portable source of power.
  • Workshop for high school students.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to the team, you can contact their project leader Arturo Medina at