What’s Rong?

Project Mission

We are a group of engineering students assembling a solar powered water delivery system to the village of Rong in Cameroon from a previously far fresh water spring. Upon supplying Rong with a constant clean source of water, this will ultimately allow the residents to self empower themselves by applying their time and efforts to other life necessities.


  • We have confirmed all the technical sizes of the our equipment such as pump head, pipe size, pipe amount, etc. Our liaison in Rong has received a grant of $12000 from the White Feather Foundation to aid in the construction of the system. We meet weekly and are currently in the process of planning a donation based fundraiser with t-shirts as gifts to our supports to cover the cost of sending our eight members to Cameroon this summer.

Current Status

Our team is currently at the fundraising stage in order to purchase all the specified materials. While the type and size of materials are already chosen, we are calling companies to get their advice on our system and possibly use their products in our end design.


Our plan is to implement our entire system this upcoming July 2017 in Rong, and are currently on track to meet this goal.

Group Members

Co-Project Leads: Jessica Uy and Marcus Wada

Members: Ben Chang, Hans Chung, Chi Esmabe, Adrian Gutierrez, Samantha Fong, Mayuki Sasagawa

We are constantly splitting our team up into different groups to adapt to the current phase of our project and therefore do not have specified roles.

We meet mostly on weekends and are currently having phone calling sessions during business hours to our possible suppliers and sponsors.

We will be hosting a fundraiser and would highly appreciate any support given to this cause including the advertisement of the fundraiser itself. If any companies wish to sponsor our team, we will advertise them on our tshirts as well. Donations to the project are always welcome and any other form of support in either supplying equipment or aiding in our flight to Cameroon would be a great contribution. Please feel free to contact Jessica Uy at jessuy827@gmail.com for more information on how to get involved with our project.